A Makeover For Facebook?

April 14, 2017

Well, Facebook is the most active social networking platform adopted by a billion users in a short span of time. Started by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it already is the leading social platform among other spaces and has got new features adding on since launched. Well, it is known for its advanced features and ever-changing looks, the developers are in to invest in a new Facebook makeover. Here are a few tips and bits of the new Facebook redo.

  • Redeveloping Messenger App for android users: Facebook is bringing about a change in its messaging app and will be working on the ‘M’ integration for its users. In Simple words, you will notice a drastic change in the text field of your Messenger App, where the two extended rows for inserting pictures, GIFs and emojis are being narrowed down to just one row. This means, you will get to see more of your messages and that you will have to visit a separate folder to select the camera and other such options.

Talking about the ‘M’ integration, till now it used to just pop in messages on your screens, but now it will flip on to a big change as is for its billion users.

  • Facebook extending Video App to TV: you read it right!! You can now use your Apple or Samsung TV for Facebook video app. You can stream videos anytime sitting at home from your TV screens and can also Live- stream. Till now it has been extended to only an Apple and Samsung but there are future plans to extend it to Amazon Fire TV as well.

This new feature will let you see all those videos your friends share and what you are suggested for on a big screen rather than keeping it restricted to your mobile screens, laptops or desktops. Also, another add-in being you can re-watch all the video clips whenever needed by going back to history. All the users need to do is just download the app on their television and log in. Good to go people!

  • How do you rank posts is what is going to change: Remember those clusters of emojis you need to select from to rank a post according to your wish, Facebook is changing that. According to Facebook, it is the viewer’s reactions that matters than likes on the posts and that it has to have a change. It says A reaction is something that helps determine the quality of the post and that is something the social platform will focus on

Also, there has been a strong revelation about your news feed and posts. First, hitting the like button is easy, but selecting your emoji for the same requires a bit of time and selection of mood for the same. This selection of emoji means that you concern more about a particular post and hence posts are ranked accordingly. Secondly, the most used emoji being that of heart brings about the social scenario among users and that it reflects the general emotions of the public. So get set for the new changes guys.

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