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April 11, 2017


Hey, guys! how are you? I am sure, you all must be great and smiling as I am back after so many days. Actually, I decided to travel to various places and finally, I am home now. So the reason for my travel was to learn about the various cultures and heritages, but somewhere along the path I got confused and became obsessed with clothing. So this obsession led me to write this article. So today I will be talking about the Fashion and dressing of the women from Indian Subcontinent.
I traveled the whole world, but trust me you would never find women more beautiful than an Indian girl or Indian women. And this conclusion is not based on the hairstyle or the face or anything else. Actually, the true reason behind the beauty of Indian women is their clothing. Yes,,,! The land of India is blessed with diverse cultures which produce various kinds of clothing which are not only unique but also amazing to wear and look at.So today, let me tell you about some of the most common yet beautiful clothes worn by Indian women-

1) SAREE ( Sari)

Without a doubt, saree is given a no.1 place on this list because of its astonishing aesthetic appeal. It’s basically a very long piece of cloth ( without any stitches) worn long with petticoat and blouse. This is the most commonly worn dress in India. The length of saree varies between 4 m to 9 m which are amazing. Also, the complete saree comes with amazing designs, patterns, embroidery etc. Some of the most famous brands to buy saree are Nalli, Meena bazar, Ritu Kumar, Satya paul etc.


Personally speaking, this is my favorite Indian outfit to look at. I practically fall in love with a girl if I see her is this outfit. Unfortunately, a lot of girls don’t wear it because of the introduction of the western culture. So, salwar kameez is usually worn in the northern states of India like Punjab, Haryana etc. Women often wear Salwar kameez along with a scarf which is locally known as a dupatta.


This is the favorite festive outfit for any Indian girl. If an Indian girl wants to wear ethnic clothes, this means she is talking about Lehnga Choli. The origin of this dress comes from the state of Gujrat and its commonly worn in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. So, lehnga is a long skirt with a lot of design and embroidery and Choli is the blouse. The outfit usually includes a colorful long Kurta worn with a deep neck and low back blouse topped by a beautiful Chunri.


Again one of my favorite dresses to look at. Kurti Actually refers to a long top ( till knees) with long sleeves and full of beautiful design. This can be worn along with any lower outfit like Patiala, jeans, salwar etc. Most of the Indian girls these days wear Kurti with jeans. This has become a common trend but girls really do look amazing in it.

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