• http://URL Dale

    Yeah, that’s the problem I had when I reread the LotR books before the movies: disappointment. All I could see was what they didn’t cover and it really dragged down my enjoyment of the movies. I decided this time to do it in the reverse order and watch the movies THEN read the book to fill in the gaps.

    • NotBlogger

      I actually haven’t read all of the LotR books yet, but I can absolutely see how that is. I’ve already heard Tom Bombadil rants from other friends. :D An interesting tactic, reading the book after the movie. I dunno…I always end up feeling like that’s cheating. :D

  • http://URL Anna V

    Brilliance!! I don’t have a copy either, so my participation in your rad challenge will depend wholly on whether or not I can get my grubby little hands on a copy! :D happy reading!

    • NotBlogger

      I hope you can scrounge up a copy! I picked one up yesterday and it was surprisingly shorter than I remember (from many years ago, of course). Let me know if you get one and can keep up with the reading! :D

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