• http://URL Dale

    In video games it’s usually because I like the look of the female avatars better. In WoW, for example, I can’t stand the look of most race’s male models. In CoH the male models all sounded really dumb when they jumped and their jumping animations were terrible. Oftentimes the male models in video games look or sound lame to me. The female avatars also usually have more interesting wardrobe choices and hair styles.

    In table-top RPGs it’s all about the character I’m trying to portray. As you suggested, I assign attributes to the character and usually a specific look and attached gender comes to mind.

    • NotBlogger

      If you don’t mind me asking, how do you determine whether you want your your table-top characters to be male or female? Table-top gaming still isn’t something I’ve gotten into…yet. ^_^

    • http://URL Dale

      There’s not any particular rhyme or reason for it. It’s just whatever inspiration strikes me for the type of story I want to tell.