• Dale

    “Remember Me” was pretty heavily advertised on Steam. I saw pre-orders open for it a while back and it looked interesting. I have so many other games to play right now, though, that unless it looks like something that’s going to outshine everything else I won’t pay more than $10 for it. That’s my threshold for stuff that will sit in my Steam queue for a while. ;-)

    Other than your mention of “Last of Us” I haven’t read anything about it. It sounds neat but as a console exclusive I’ll almost certainly never play it.

    As far as Disqus goes I’m not a fan. The previous comment system may not have been great at tracking a threaded conversation but I could comment on your blog without having to enable javascript for a bunch of sites (yours and a bunch of Disqus sites). I have no other opinions on how useful it is since this would be the first time I’ve actually enabled it.

    • Thundernoodle

      I just picked up “Remember Me” last night and am slowly forming opinions on it (a post will be forthcoming, I’m sure); I’ll let you know if it’s worth spending some extra money. :D I know that with Steam’s giant gaming sales you can easily rack up a huge queue of games to play, so adding a brand new one doesn’t always make sense unless it’s going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

      I plan on trying out Disqus for around a month…whenever I release some posts that are likely to engender a little more discussion I’ll determine if it’s worth keeping. I don’t like how it throws up advertisements and how it really wants you to log in – in fact, if I couldn’t set up a Guest option, I was going to can the whole thing – but the built-in system for this WordPress theme was pretty bad for anything other than basic commenting. I hope the Javascript enabling doesn’t keep you from coming back! :(

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