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  • Michelle

    Wow! Great Start! I’m wondering if I can talk my pack-rat hubby into joining the 30 day challenge.

    • NotBlogger

      Everyone I’ve talked to about the challenge – both minimalist or otherwise – thinks it’s a great idea so far, and I’m certainly enjoying it (at least, after one week). Good luck trying it out on your own!

  • Michael Aune

    I’ve lived by the “If you don’t have money, then you can’t buy things” form of minimalism. Can’t say I recommend it, so I think your way of doing things is far, far better! ;)

    • thehappycactus

      Haha, while maybe not the most *fun* form of minimalism, at least it keeps you from going crazy with too much stuff! A big part of minimalism, from my point of view, is considering the value of each of your belongings, both old and new, something you already have down pat if you’re making those decisions from a fiscal perspective. :)

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