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  • Anna V

    Haven’t started yet! I have to get Adam on board, and this is a bad month to add anything to our plates. I’m thinking November! And I actually said “awww” out loud in fond memory of that Kermit shirt (that I vaguely and nostalgically recall seeing you wearing once or twice…). And when I first read thru this challenge after your LAST post, I knew right away that my picture frames weren’t going ANYWHERE. I don’t think this challenge is talking to us on that point. Maybe a grandma out there, with 10 frames on every flat surface, but *I’m* darn well keeping my 5 frames, too. ^^

    • thehappycactus

      I’ll be interested to hear about your experiences when you guys decide to start it up! Definitely give yourself a less-busy month if you want to be able to take the challenges seriously (as minimalist as opposed to simply organizational).

      I’m glad we’re in agreement about picture frames! You’re probably right…they mean to get rid of an overabundance. I just like my pictures and frames far too much to relegate them all to a single digital one. Maybe that’ll change in the future…but for now I’m happy with it. :D

  • Emily

    Another fantastic post! You are rocking this challenge out. I think I’ll need to step up my game this week :)

    • thehappycactus

      It’s been interesting seeing how we’re doing the challenges differently. I can’t wait for us to have our pow-wow at the end and compare notes. :D