Siri’s Revealing All Your Secrets

April 11, 2017

Ever thought Siri could reveal all your secrets?? Never no! Well, the answer to this should be yes. Siri was being caught red handed a few days back when a twitter user tweeted about Siri revealing someone’s information with the phone screen locked. Thinking your PA is giving up on you? Might be true!

This is a horrifying revelation that a few settings in your iPhone can get you in trouble and that even digital locks are of no worth nowadays. In a series of tweets, a girl with username @afronomics_ found an iPhone left in the bathroom, which she thought of returning to her owner. When she spoke in ‘What’s my name,’ the user could get in details of her first and last name. Also, on further questioning, she could see where her car was parked, and her address as well in the notification center. Sounds awkward? Certain settings in your iPhone can drop you in a big trouble and that it is extremely necessary to be well versed with your mobile technology and everything it has to offer so that you don’t land up in such problems.

Luckily, the mobile was returned to the rightful owner and that it was good that the founder was a close acquaintance and not a stranger. All you need to turn off such situations is Go to Settings> Touch ID and Passcode> Allow Access when Locked> Turn off Siri, Today’s view, Notification View and you are done.

Siri’s revealing all your secrets…

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